Great Things To Do in Parga Lichnos Beach

Going to Parga, Greece for holidays? Here are some great things what you can do during your stay in Lichnos Beach Hotel & Suites!

  1. Explore Lichnos Beach and make 100 photos!

  2. Dive into blue waters of Ionian Sea
  3. Get  tanned after some hours on the beach
  4. Order a refreshing frappe from the Lichnos beach bar
  5. Enjoy a massage
  6. Enjoy “Sex on the Lichnos Beach”
  7. Go on a banana ride
  8. Hire a jet ski from Lichnos water sports
  9. View Aphrodite’s cave
  10. Built a sand castle!
  11. Taste real Greek Salad in Lichnos Beach Hotel’s restaurant
  12. Ask a waiter to teach you some Greek!
  13. Try fresh fish and local wine
  14. Drink Uzo
  15. Go to the center of Parga
  16. Meet locals and greet them in Greek!
  17. Visit Lichnos Beach Hotel’s music events
  18. Enjoy Jacuzzi on the balcony of your room
  19. Swim in the swimming pool of Lichnos Beach Hotel
  20. Enjoy your stay in lichnos beach and parga !

    We promise you won't get bored here! 😉

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