Are you in the mood for Easter?

 It is a very pleasant fact that the long winter with its deep sleeping is behind!! Many countries are welcoming the sunshine of the spring season, but believe or not, in Parga is already summer: the temperature is around 20C all the last days! And Lichnos Beach looks very beautiful as always 😉

Lichnos Beach

Lichnos Beach. Photo made in March 2012. Parga, Greece

This time in Parga is very nice and quiet but not for too long: Easter is coming! 15th of April is going to be a big day for the Greek orthodox people – Easter Sunday – “Kyriaki tou Paskha”.

Many of Greek families are coming annually here, in Parga, to celebrate Easter. It is one of the most important holidays for Greece, all the customs and traditions that the Greeks celebrate today that has changed very little in hundreds of years (Read more about Easter in Greece)…

lichnos beach

Lichnos Beach from the other side, Parga, Greece. March 2012

Spring is the time of rebirth and life, time to take a breath and plan your summer vacation! 

Positive music for a good mood and happy easter!!! 🙂

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