10 Reasons to Choose Lichnos Beach Hotel in Parga

lichnos beach hotels located in parga: parga hotel photos

  1. Location, location, location! Outstanding waterfront location at a private secluded Lichnos bay with fine sandy beach and crystal clear waters.

  2. Surrounded by mountains blanketed in olive groves, lemon trees and pines, makes hotel to be a good starting point for hiking around Parga.

  3. Lichnos Beach Hotel in Parga is suitable for everyone: from young couples to families, offering wide range of different types of rooms: from standard accommodation to the high-class luxury.

  4. Renovated great part of the hotel, including rooms, “Feeling”restaurant and beach bar.

  5. All rooms have balconies and a breathtaking sea view at the Lichnos beach.

  6. Suites features luxurious Jacuzzi tubes, which are especially beneficial for maintaining moisture and tan of the skin after a long day on the beach.

  7. Free Wireless Internet access in the whole territory of the hotel and the beach.

  8. Fine dinning at the Lichnos Beach Hotel’s beachfront “Feeling Restaurant”. Best Greek food experience guaranteed.

  9. Family-run hotel with relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

  10. Secure booking online. Making reservation directly from the Lichnos Beach Hotel’s system page is easy and safe! Be sure you also get the best rate available in the internet!

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9 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Choose Lichnos Beach Hotel in Parga

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