How to Get to Parga?

Getting to Parga from any corner of Earth is not that difficult (as you might think)! Just visit your local travel office or go online and book your trip to Parga, Greece today!

If Travelling by plane, you can reach Parga from these airports in Greece:

Preveza Airport, (Aktio):

By car/bus/taxi  65.2 km, about 1 hour 3 mins drive to Parga from Preveza.

Ioannina Airport, Ioannina:

By car/bus/taxi 106 km, about 1 hour 34 mins drive to Parga from Ioannina.

Corfu Airport,Corfu:

By car/bus/taxi  84.0 km, about 2 hours 45 mins drive to Parga from Corfu, (This route includes a ferry from Corfu to Igoumenitsa),

If you wish to visit Parga, while visiting other parts of Greece. You can also travel from the north east of Greece.

Thessaloniki International Airport:

By car/bus/Taxi 359 km, about 4 hours 22 mins to Parga from Thessaloniki.

Or from the south east of Greece 

Athens International Airport (ATH):

By car/bus/Taxi 444 km, about 5 hours 30 mins drive to Parga from Athens

You can reach Parga from these Ports in Italy:

Trieste – Igoumenitsa:

Venice – Igoumenitsa:

Ancona – Igoumenitsa:

Bari – Igoumenitsa:

Brindisi – Igoumenits:

Igoumenitsa Port to Parga town:

By car/bus/Taxi 46.8 km, about 45 mins drive to Parga from Igoumenitsa.

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Nearest  Airports to Parga->

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