Lichnos Beach Hotel

Lichnos Beach Hotel & Suites is a luxury resort in Greece and one of the most attractive hotels in Parga. Comparable to other hotels, Lichnos Beach Hotel hosts a plethora of hotel rooms, suites and bungalows, for couples and family vacation, that all have a direct Ionian Sea view…

Lichnos Beach

Jan 24, 2012 – Blending beauty of Ionian coast nature and simplicity of contemporary design, a four star hotel Lichnos Beach Hotel & Suites offers a luxury sea view accommodation in Parga, Greece, which undoubtedly is the most beautiful place in Epirus region. Located ideally on a sandy beach, surrounded with picturesque mountains, Lichnos Beach Hotel in Parga is a place for inspiration and feeling the joy of being close to nature, with the adding of all necessary services for its guests comfort.

Lichnos Beach Hotel and Suites

Being recently renovated, this luxury hotel in Parga is ready to welcome guests for the new season of 2012 providing them a quality of stay in one of 31 new design suites with the sea view and gorgeous Jacuzzi on the terrace for the unforgettable feelings during romantic holidays. All suites are furnished in the same minimalistic way that accentuates quality and elegance of the space, as well as the whole hotel does: the property combines well with the natural landscape of Ionian coast beauty.

Greece Luxury Hotel

Both hotel’s brand new built restaurant and bar, situated just in a few steps from the seaside, are creative solution of professional architect who successfully adjusted buildings for summer weather conditions in Greece. Both look as an oasis between the golden sandy Lichnos Beach and infinity swimming pool, providing charming private atmosphere in the shadow for their guests.

Lichnos Beach Parga, Greece

Moreover, due to new luxury amenities and design in combination with excellent location, Lichnos Beach Hotel & Suites becomes the most attractive spot for both locals and visitors of Parga. Investment in hotel’s development and implementation of latest technologies stands out from other hotels level in the region and attracts potential clients from all around.

Parga Hotel Lichnos

Finally, the official website of the Lichnos Beach Hotel & Suites is immersing its visitors into exciting journey inside of the hotel’s area; high quality photos are perfectly reflecting inviting environment prevailing in the hotel. No matter which way you look at it, Parga Lichnos Beach Hotel is seen as a perfect option for those who know the value of money and comfort. Indeed, quality renovation is likely to bring for this luxury resort a lot of new worthy guests, as well as to keep its regular customers greatly satisfied. Visit Website->

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Lichnos Beach Hotel and Suites on Map:

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78 thoughts on “Lichnos Beach Hotel

  1. Parga is one of my favourite places in the whole world, some of my best childhood memories have been here. I will come back one day soon!

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  3. Nice hotel!
    Hope I get to visit someday.
    Thanks for liking Jittery Cook.
    There are 78 recipes so far and more to come.
    Feel free to send me one of your recipes to share and I’ll promote your hotel in return.
    All the best,
    Jittery Cook

  4. Hello, and thanks for “liking” our post about Gnocchi Day! It is always a pleasure to see where in the world the post ends up – this time in Greece. Hope you come back for more visits to our blog.

    Your photos and resort are fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Susan and Wade

  5. Thank you for liking my post. I hope all is well and the troubles are not affecting you too much. I hope to come back to Greece soon. My last trip i toured the Peloponnese. Looks like i will definately visiting the north next time!

  6. What a beautiful hotel in a stunning area of the world. I’ll put this location on our list of places to see when we’re in Greece someday. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  7. Hi, what a beautiful environment! My middle son and his family holiday in Greece, or on Cyprus, every year, I will pass your details to him. Thank you for liking my blog. Kindest regards, Chrissie

  8. your resort is beyond gorgeous! i wish i and my family can experience such luxury in greece!
    oh, well… i’ll just dream and settle for your blog for the mean while.

    thanks for liking my posts! really appreciate it!

    • Oh, thank you so much for your warm comment! I’m very sure anyone has to dream a lot! Then one day all dreams will come true, when you don’t expect it.. By the way, holidays in Greece may be affordable for anyone… just take time to research! I like your posts very much, they are full of colors and love!

  9. Parga I checked out your great hotel and it looks terrific. Hope I can visit soon. My brother lives in Greece so I will forward the information to him. Thanks for viewing my post about GrandLadyByTheSea in Highlands, NJ, USA. I sell real estate in the surrounding area so if you ever want to purchase or rent in Monmouth County, NJ just contact me. We have miles of beautiful beaches here also.

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  11. a destination for rest while travelling a path…
    perhaps one day in the future…
    a sailboat will appear on the horizon with a tired sailor aboard who just wants to sleep under the stars… 🙂

  12. Thanks for liking my blog and I really love the look of your hotel – wonderful location. I am coming back to Europe for the summer as usual and looking for places to teach Pilates and Yoga. Do let me know if you ever need that. I have friends who live on Skiathos and hope to visit them and maybe I will make it to your side of Greece. Best wishes. Sue

  13. Thanks for commenting on my blog and I really love the look of your hotel. It looks like a wonderful location. I am coming back to Europe for the summer as usual looking for places to teach Pilates and Yoga. Do let me know if you are ever in need of that. I have friends in Skiathos and hope to visit them. Maybe I will make it over to your side of Greece. Best wishes. Sue

  14. Love the images! Stunning views and informative post! — Margie Osorio at ‘IMINA Travel and Events.

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